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human resources consultancy management

Just like other resources required for the company to continue its activities, the human resources needs to be correctly identified, positioned and guided in order to increase its performance.


Companies that see their employees as the most important sources of competition must include employees with the primary goal of customer satisfaction, who adopt creative and teamwork, and continuously contribute to their personal development.


Our consultants, who guide companies in changing their perspectives and gaining new perspectives, and developing solutions that add value to different thinking and business processes, create environments suitable for the development of corporate reflexes.


Our consultants produce permanent and applicable solutions in determining your efficiency and productivity, planning the workforce and offering solutions to increase business performance and structuring your action plan in line with your goals. They think with you about the following topics and draws roadmaps to structure your processes:

  • HR Check-up

  • Assessing Your Human Resources

  • Designing Your Onboarding Processes

  • Conducting Permanent Staff Study for Your Company

  • Preparing Your Job Descriptions

  • Creating Competency Models

  • Developing a Performance Management System

  • Establishing Wage Management System

  • Establishing Human Resources Development and Training Plans and Training Management System

  • Establishing Human Resources Unit Career Management System

  • Establishing Human Resources Information Management System

 Onboarding Process 


Not only the HR but everyone is involved…

  • Companies with effective “Onboarding” programs have higher loyalty and motivation. (Lombardi, 2011)

  • 69% of the newly hired personnel prefer to stay with a well-structured Onboarding program for up to 3 years. (Eduson)

The onboarding process starts with the "Pre-Onboarding" process. With the positive brand perception created in potential candidates, you can ensure that the right candidates apply to your company.

After a well-managed Pre-Onboarding process, the experience of the potential employees you have recruited to your company for 3 months from the moment they start working is very influential in the decisions of "continue or quit in your company". 20% of employee turnover rate occurs in the first 45 days.

You can click on the presentation for prior information on the Procedural Approach and we can call you for detailed information upon your request.


HR Check-Up 

  • Are you having problems in the compliance of your HR processes with the legislation?

  • Is your staff turnover rate high?

  • Did your organization structure remain the same as your business grew?

If your answer to such questions is yes, we will be happy to support you for a solution.​

It's everyone's job, not just HR!


HR management consultancy

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