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The real voyage of discovery consists not
in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Yordam Management Consultancy combines its experience gained in different sectors with its expert management consultants with the developments that shape management understandings around the world. In this way, it plays an active role in the improvement and global integration of solution partners' corporate processes.





All companies, from the smallest to the largest, are unique and complex mechanisms. Like mechanical clocks, each of which has different hardware and working styles... That's why as Yordam Consulting, our priority is to "understand" and "make sense of" you and your needs, assuming that each institution has unique and unique dynamics.

At the end of this process, which started with our corporate check-up service, all problems and areas open to improvement emerge, such as a watch that is examined down to the smallest gear. All of our talents and expertise, listed under the "services" title of most companies operating in our sector, are offered to your use according to the result and the needs that will arise. Therefore, Yordam does not claim to provide services such as consultancy, human resources, recruitment and training as independent service items. Yordam Consulting works with you, for you, within you, as your partner who can offer all these services at the highest level, while offering a perspective that will carry their customers forward. That's exactly why Yordam is keeping aloof from the demands of "We need staff for these positions". Because, as we see in many of our customers, the problem with the watch is not the gears, but the mechanism itself.

Yordam Consulting sometimes defends your interests against you with its holistic management consultancy and services beyond it. Because our priority is that your company works like a perfect watch...

Counseling by listening, learning, understanding and making sense, not by rote...

“Due to the high satisfaction created by the disciplined, creative and harmonious work of Yordam Consultants, our long-term cooperation with them continues by strengthening and diversifying."

İsmail Türkdemir

Eko Madencilik

"Especially in a sensitive process such as the evaluation of our executive candidates, the competencies of the consultants and their professional approach were an important factor in our satisfaction."

Mehmet Ali Çam

VW TAMAŞ Otomotiv A.Ş.


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